Custom Cookie Designs


The pricing of custom cookie requests will vary based on the size of the cookie, number of colors required, and the complexity of design.

Please note that the prices shown below are only an approximate.

– If you are planning to order cookies which are bigger than 10 cms. (longest point), please include this information when submitting a quote request.
– Mini and Regular cookies can be combined to meet the minimum order requirement as long as they have the same colour scheme/ theme.
– For smaller orders and other cookie ordering options, feel free to send an enquiry or to visit the SHOP and checkout the available design selection.

Simple (Mini)

$ 30 per dozen
  • Simple Design with Minimal Details
  • 1-2 icing colours
  • Size: 4 to 5 cms.


$ 50 per dozen
  • Simple Design and Minimal Details.
  • 2-3 icing colours
  • Size: Regular (6 to 8 cms.)
  • Large size ADD $1 per cookie


$ 70 per dozen
  • More Detailed with Simple Text
  • 3-4 icing colours
  • Size: Regular (6 to 8 cms.)
  • Large size ADD $1 per cookie


$ 80 per dozen
  • Extremely Detailed with Text
  • 4+ icing colours with Hand-painted metallic designs
  • Size: Regular (6 to 8 cms.)
  • Large size ADD $1 per cookie
Guns-and-Roses Custom Designed Cookies
Saving Hope Foundation Donation Cookies

Please follow the instructions in order to receive a detailed quote.

Step 1: Fill-up the request form. On the space provided for the “DESIGN”, make sure that you provide a detailed description (including the colours and sizes) of the cookie/s design/s that you are after.
Step 2: Upload a photo that will be used as a design inspiration.
Step 3: Double-check that you have entered the correct email address because the  quote will be sent to the email provided within 24 hours.
Step 4: Submit the form.

Request Form

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