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Hello! My name is Kathleen and I am the owner and cookie designer at KAI Cookie Artistry. As a child, I have always been fascinated with baking. I would always go through my mother’s cookbooks and bookmark every recipe that I want to try someday. My frequent browsing of the pages even resulted in a few ripped pages. Thankfully my mother recognized my passion and worked to nurture my baking curiosity, and now here we are. 

As I dive into the world of cookie decorating, I am happy to share my “masterpieces” with you. There are several designs that you can choose from. The stock designs can be found in the shop. If you have a more specific design request, you can fill out this form and I will send you a free detailed quote within 24 hours.

For more information about KAI Cookie Artistry, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. Alternatively, if you cannot find the answers to your questions on the FAQs page, you can send an email to

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  • I'm still working on the best angle for taking videos but I hope you still enjoy watching this. ❤#kaicookieartistry #royalicing #undertheseacookies #homebaker #cookieartist #aucklandbaker
  • Hearts painted with @sweetsticksau Sunkissed Gold. ❤#kaicookieartistry #heartcookies #simplecookiedesigns #valentinesdaygifts #aucklandbaker #homebaker
  • So I posted a blank version of this on Facebook a few days ago with this caption: "Can you guess what I've been working on? 🤔" All the answers were BABY YODA! At that time everyone was correct because it was the original idea. But as I started working I can't seem to get it right. As you can see, there are 2 versions. In the end, my husband decided to call it TEENAGE YODA 😜What do you think?Cutter is from @sheybdesigns#kaicookieartistry #babyyoda #babyyodacookies #starwarscookies #babyyodaone #valentinesdaycookies #teenageyoda #aucklandbaker #homebaker
  • Valentine's Day Platter. I am now accepting pre-orders for this cookie platter. The size is approx. 9" x 9". You can also personalise the message on the cookie plaque.Delivery and pick-up options available.DM me for orders and enquiries.P.s. sorry for the shaky video 😜#kaicookieartistry #valentinesdaycookies #giftideas #cookieplatter #cookiesinsteadofflowers #happyvalentinesday
  • Less than a month until ❤'s day! Have you planned anything special for your loved ones yet?Here are some ideas:- Breakfast in bed 🍳☕- Do the laundry. Vaccum the floor. Basically, do any chore that you don't normally do. 😉- Watch the sunset while enjoying a hot cuppa or a cold beer. 🍺- Put your phone down, give your mum, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife, friend, anyone special in your life a hug and chat for a while.- Get them a simple gift that they'll remember, like personalised sugar cookies 🍪 👍#kaicookieartistry #valentinesdaycookies #sugarcookies #heartcookies #personalizedgifts #simplegifts #valentinesdaygifts #iloveyoucookies
  • I was approached by Bella from @floandfrankie to provide cookies for their grand opening today at @westfieldnewmarket I decided to create a minimalist design that will match their wrapping papers and a simple #flosisters text.Make sure you visit them today and you might be able to grab a treat or two!#kaicookieartistry #collab #corporatecookies
  • Cookie decorating is my therapy. ❤Last Friday, I flew to LA to see my family, especially my dad. It has been physically, emotionally, and mentally straining. There have been some good and bad days.To keep myself in check, I decided to decorate a quick batch of Thanksgiving themed cookies. My brother was commenting on how much time and effort goes into a cookie (which many people don't know) because it took me over 4 hours to finish 35 cookies. And it definitely helped ease the stress and anxiety I was experiencing.Here are my first ever #thanksgivingcookies#kaicookieartistry #cookier #stressreliefactivities #royalicing #thanksgiving #sugarcookies #personalizedcookies #thankfulcookies #happythanksgiving
  • Cookies for a baby shower 💕....#kaicookieartistry #babyshowercookies #babygirlcookies #pinkcookies #sugarcookiedesigns #babyfootprintcookie #pinkroyalicing #airbrushedcookies #onesiecookie #cookielettering #aucklandbaker
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